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South Side Locos (SSL)
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South Side Locos (SSL) is a national Hispanic gang operating in the United States.

The gang’s main source of income comes from the distribution of crack cocaine, at a retail level, and the small distribution of other narcotics. Criminal acts committed by the gang include vandalism, graffiti, assault, murder, and the selling of narcotics. SSL is aligned with the Mexican Mafia and represents the gang’s symbol “13,” which stands for the letter “M.” In Virginia and Maryland, SSL and Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) are well known rivals, competing for members and influence within the same communities.
SSL’s primary colors are black and blue, although some of it cliques “flag” the colors black, white and gray. Their most commonly used sign is the letter “S,” followed by the number “13,” which is displayed in a variety of ways, including the Arabic alphabet (13), Roman alphabet (X111), and a mixture of the two (X3).
SSL membership consists mainly of Hispanic males. In the Virginia Maryland area many cliques are known to include female members. Membership age ranges from 10 years of age to 28. SSL is well known for recruiting young children, including those in elementary schools. Some senior members who hold leadership positions are known to be in their mid 30s.
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