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Hells Angels
The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club (HAMC) is the most notorious OMG in the United States. The gang has over 92 chapters in 27 states in the United States. Internationally, the Hells Angels are active in 26 foreign countries. The OMG is actively involved in the transportation and distribution of narcotics and weapons. Other criminal activities the Hells Angels are well known for are theft, extortion, money laundering, assault and murder.
Hells Angels members identify themselves universally through use of an official logo: a skull with wings known as “Death Head”. The logo appears on a leather biking jacket or vest, typically in fashion with their associating chapter, or as a tattoo. Other identifying symbols include “81” (the 8 symbolizes the eighth letter of the alphabet, H, with the number 1 representing A), and AFFA, a patch meaning Angels forever, forever Angels.
Membership in the Hells Angels is limited to Caucasians, Hispanics, and Asians, males 18 years of age or older, and Harley-Davidson motorcycle owners. The membership process is very involved; the preliminary stage ensures that the potential member is committed to the group. Once commitment is established, his status is elevated to a “hang-around” who completes menial tasks to gain respect from gang members. Later he may become a “prospect” for the chapter if an existing member will sponsor him. After a full year or sometimes longer as a prospect, chapter members vote whether to grant full membership to the prospect. The vote must be unanimously in favor of granting membership.

Every local HAMC chapter submits to a set of bylaws that lay out the rights and responsibilities of members. There is no international hierarchy dictating decisions for local chapters. All important decisions are made at regional, national and international meetings.
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