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Black Guerilla Family (BGF)
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The Black Guerrilla Family (BGF), originally known as the Black Family and Black Vanguard, is an influential African American prison gang active in California and Maryland. Since its formation in the San Quentin State Prison in California in 1966, the BGF has developed into a highly organized gang that resembles a paramilitary organization.

BGF members are highly influential within the prison system and are known to recruit correctional facility staff to aid their illegal activities. In addition, BGF is actively involved in drug trafficking, extortion, and violent crimes within the prison system. Cocaine and marijuana sales account for the majority of the gang’s income. Known alliances of the BGF are the Nuestra Familiar and Dead Man Incorporated.
The most common identifiers for BGF members and its activity include tattoos and graffiti of a dragon surrounding a prison tower holding a correctional officer in its clutches, cross sabers and shotguns, and a shotgun on a prison tower.

However, the most noticeable markers are the initials BGF and tattoos depicting the numbers 2-7-6, which numerically correspond to the letters B-G-F in the alphabet.

The images below are some examples of the tattoos and markings used by members of the BGF.

The BGF is an all African American gang. While a majority of its members and senior leadership reside in different prison systems, the BGF has a growing street presence. BGF members are of all ages, with its senior leadership generally older than thirty years of age.

The organization is structured along paramilitary lines; a high central committee presides over the entire gang organization. Each unit or subset is led by a supreme leader. Other positions within the gang are represented by traditional military ranks such as field generals, captains, lieutenants and common soldiers. The BGF follows a strict internal code of ethics and members take an oath of allegiance.
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