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Links and Articles

Gang Related News Articles (BIA-DOJ)
John Hopkins University – Center for the Prevention of Youth Violence
Northern Virginia Gang Task Force Website
City of Alexandria – Gang & Youth Violence Prevention and Intervention
Arlington County – Crime Prevention Tips – Gangs
Fairfax County – Gang Prevention
Loudoun County – Gang Response Intervention Team
Prince William County – Gang Response Intervention Team


MS-13 Organization and US Response
National Gang Threat Assessment
Northern Virginia Gang Assessment (Sept 21 2009)
Responding to gang, crew and youth violence in the District of Columbia

Additional Resources

Blue Prints for Violence Prevention
The project, called Blueprints for Violence Prevention, has identified 11 prevention and intervention programs that meet a strict scientific standard of program effectiveness.

Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention
This site provides a list of grants available to Maryland jurisdiction to combat gangs.

Helping America’s Youth
Helping America’s Youth is a nationwide effort, initiated by President George W. Bush and led by First Lady Laura Bush, to benefit children and teenagers by encouraging action in three key areas: family, school, and community. The Community Guide to Helping America’s Youth helps communities build partnerships, assess their needs and resources, and select from program designs that could be replicated in their community. It walks community groups through the steps necessary for building strong supports for youth.

OJJDP Gang Prevention/Intervention Programs
This site includes a wealth of information, one of the most useful sections summarizes the evaluation of programs designed to address gang and delinquency prevention/intervention programs.

OJJDP Gang Strategic Planning Tool
The best single tool to assist in assessing a community’s gang problem and planning strategies to deal with it.

OJJDP Site for Administrators and Law Enforcement Personnel
Another OJJDP funded site provides a wide array of resources for assessing and developing strategies to deal with gang problems. It has a large volume of reference resources and is probably more useful for administrators or law enforcement personnel.

U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services Gang Toolkit.
This is a free resource that includes a variety of informative publications to help community residents and local law enforcement work together on the issues related to gang crime. The parent's quick reference cards in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Hmong help parents understand what to look for concerning gang-related activity.

Gang-Related Organization Websites

·         National Gang Center

·         National Major Gang Task Force

·         National Criminal Justice Reference Service

·         Florida Gang Investigators Association

·         East Coast Gang Investigators Association

·         Gang Related Legislation

·         California Gang Investigator’s Association

·         Colorado Security Threat Intelligence Network Group (STING)

·         Georgia Gang Investigator’s Association

·         Great Lakes International Gang Investigators Coalition

·         Mid-Atlantic Regional Gang Investigators Network

·         Midwest Gang Investigators Association

·         Virginia Gang Investigators Association

·         Texas Gang Investigators Association

·         Connecticut Gang Investigators Association

·         South Carolina Gang Investigators Association

·         Northwest Gang Investigators Association

·         Oklahoma Gang Investigators Association

·         Northern California Gang Investigators Association

·         North Carolina Gang Investigators Association

·         New Jersey Gang Investigators Associations

·         Ontario Gang Investigators Association

·         National Alliance of Gang Investigator’s Association

·         Tennessee Gang Investigators Association (TNGIA)

·         International Latino Gang Investigators Association

·         Arizona Gang Investigators Association

·         Idaho Gangs

·         National Gang Intelligence Center – Public Information

·         Pennsylvania Gang Investigators Association

·         Kansas Gang Investigators Association

·         Central Coast Gang Investigator Association (CCGIA)


Miscellaneous Gang-Related Websites

·         USDOJ: Gangs

·         The Impact of Gangs on Communities (PDF)

·         National Gang History

·         Know Gangs

·         GangsORUs

·         SafeYouth.org (Gang Fact Sheet)

·         GangsORUs – Police Gang Units

·         Teachers Against Gangs (TAG)

·         Gangs – Global Incident Map

·         BluTube (Police Videos)

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